We Didn’t Ship Enough Product <br />to Gen Con!
Aug 2014 15

NickKent-at-GenCon_ThumbOh my goodness! Our first day at Gen Con blew by and Project London DVDs, Blu-ray disks, Soundtrack albums and books have been selling like hotcakes from our booth #1361. It’s probably because Jen Page (Xing-Xing Fix) is in the booth signing autographs! Here at Project London Headquarters, we are scrambling to ship more disks to the con. Hopefully they will get there in time. Whatever happens, we know that some things are going to run out. As of this writing there was only one soundtrack album left and a small number of Script Books (unavailable ANYWHERE else), Project Manhattan (prequel novella) and graphic novels.

So get over to booth #1361 to get your goods. You may see die hard Project London fan, Nick Kent, COSplaying around as Jerry! Do stop by and say hi to Jen and Max and meet the other Project London fans who are hanging around.

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