The Producer’s Report #140 – Dirty Do Gooders!
May 2011 04

I love this frame grab. It’s the result of a LOT of hard work done by a lot of people over a significant period of time. The foreground features Josh Truax (Nebraska Higgins) and Branson Anderson (Jerry) filmed in an Everett airpline hanger in August of ’07 and the background plate with Michael Donovan (Arizona Higgins) emanating from a large outdoor video billboard was shot just a couple months ago. The work is beautiful and the scene is the last piece of glue needed in our rework of the story that is now version 15 of Project London. The final version. Woot!

Saturday, Ian, Nate and me met Kyle Kramer, who is helping Ian organize and place the MOUNTAIN of audio clips flowing in from the Sound Design Team to their respective places in the edit timelines. It was fantastic to hear the robots and ships come to life! Next Saturday, we expect to hear a number of music score elements from Scott Burnett and his team.

Hey, if you want to see the new Project London Trailer, and have a great evening with our friends from Dirty Do Gooders and JourneyQuest, go to their screening tomorrow night (Thursday) at the Jewel Box Theater in Belltown from 5p-9p. No doubt Jen Page will be there. Ian and Josh Truax are planning to attend. And yes, the Project London Trailer will be screened as big as life. We love this trailer. Soren Laulainen created the trailer concept and music and Paul Miller did the sound design. It’s epic. And it’s not online yet. We are waiting just a bit longer to release it. So if you want to see it, here’s your chance.

To SIFF? Or not to SIFF. That has been the question. Sadly, the movie is not done. And SIFF was overwhelmed with more than 3,000 entries this year. So the answer is no, we won’t be at SIFF this year. We were a little bummed, but it’s just physically impossible to think we could cobble together something we could say was exhibition ready. We tried. And thank you to everyone who gave their all to try and make the deadline. But soldier on we will and you might see us at SIFF next year. But we still expect to host our own red carpet Seattle premiere, participate in upcoming festivals and conventions, etc. It’s going to be a great year!

That’s the news!


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Phil McCoy (left), and Nathan McCoy (right) also Executive Producer

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