The Producer’s Report #139
Apr 2011 24

Norwescon 34 was a blast. Ian and I (Phil) had a great time talking to people about Project London selling copies of Project Manhattan (Prequel Novella) and the Project London Graphic Novel, but we also enjoyed people’s fascination with the Lego Arizona created and sent to us by our new friend, KryptonHeidt. We posted a collection of photos on Facebook. Check it out.

The highlight of the entire show was when another new friend, Levin showed up and presented us with his design for a Project London Exosuit. Levin’s creativity and talent can be seen on the cover of the box (see photo) that he presented to Ian. Levin’s gift means a lot to us.

We don’t have any plans for more shows or appearances in the near term. What’s most important to us right now, is to finish the movie. We are in the home stretch! Thanks for all your energy and support through this process


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Phil McCoy (left), and Nathan McCoy (right) also Executive Producer

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