The Producer’s Report #130 – Project Manhattan
Jan 2011 13

I am really pleased to tell you that Project Manhattan, the prequel novella to Project London is just about finished. Caleb Wheeler has written a corker. No lie! Evidence: The images (above) behind the Project Manhattan book cover are scans of the backs of my eyeballs soon after reading the manuscript—just look at all that blood. Nuff said. Well, that isn’t true. Here’s what Ian says about the book.

“Full of imagination and fascinating details, Wheeler has created a believable alternate look at one of Humanity’s darkest moments, with a vivid piece of work that stands on its own as a fantastic piece of fiction.”

- Ian Hubert, Writer Director of Project London

If you’d like more information about Project Manhattan, check out the new info page on the Official Movie site.

In other news, I was delighted to see the email confirming the SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) has accepted our submission for consideration. And to that end, we are pushing to finish the movie. One of the items at the top of our list, next to Sound Design, is scheduling Michael Donovan for the one remaining shot needed to complete version 15. Michael plays Arizona in the movie, and his role has been reshaped a couple times as we recut the movie to make the story work. Michael has been gracious and accommodating throughout the process and we hope to schedule him and get the shot in the can before January ends.

Best Regards,

Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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