The Producer’s Report #128 – Picture Lock-ish!
Oct 2010 18

We are soooo close to PICTURE LOCK it is palpable. It feels like we are moving in super slowmo, but we are moving as fast as we can. Picture Lock is inevitable. Now just days away. Stay tuned!

So while we wait, let’s update our fan stats from July 17.

As of this writing there are now:

61 (+0%) known news reports/blog posts featuring the movie or one or all of the Project London teaser clips
584 (+37%) fans following Project London on Twitter

3,199 (+23%) fans on Facebook

1,711 (+17%) fans signed up to receive our sometimes monthly email newsletter

334 (+7%) entertainment news media & bloggers signed up on our press release email list

YouTube Play Statistics:

18,371 (+25%) views: Multiply Teaser on the Spiral Productions Channel

73,745(+91%) views: Multiply Teaser on the Viso Trailers Channel

239,122 (+131%) views: Unleashed Teaser on the Viso Trailers Channel

Vimeo Play Statistics:

82,400 (+76%) views: Multiply Teaser

157,000 (+31%) views: Unleashed Teaser

47,900 (+14%) views: Benny’s Fuel & Repair Teaser

Note: Percentage increases are based on the numbers reported on our last fan stats update.

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Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)
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