The Producer’s Report #127 – Offical Countdown to Picture Lock Begins
Oct 2010 02

Today at our weekly management meeting, Ian presented Project London v.15 to the Producers. It incorporated new solutions to address the key story problems we detected at the last two screenings. We now believe we have the film we want to finish in hand. Ian is using the coming week to finalize the necessary script elements needed to record new voice overs for Oma, Nebraska and Chicago, and a reshoot of the “Arizona speaks from the dead” speech. There are also several new visual effects to incorporate, but since we are in a race to get to picture lock, we are only going to take them to the animatic level so that we can declare picture lock so sound design can start, and then go back and refine and finish those visuals. This is huge. We should be able to predict a date for picture lock in just a few days.

Thank you to Phil Rogan and Soren Laulainen. They worked with Ian to reconcile quite a number of story elements, addressing key items necessary to creating a great popcorn movie experience. Phil’s contribution has earned him a “Script Consultant” credit along side Soren who had already earned this credit. Thanks guys!

It feels so great to make the shift from exploring solutions to make the story work effectively to now focusing on finalizing and finishing the movie. Today is a great day!


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)
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