The Producer’s Report #126 – Three Things
Sep 2010 25

Three pieces of news:

ONE: Thank you to Anton Urban, Phil Rogan, and Soren Laulainen for their breakthrough ideas. These guys have gone above and beyond the conversation and surveys following the last test screening to provide amazing ideas to enhance the story of Project London. Ian is currently working on the final story refinements to review with the producers next Saturday.

TWO: In anticipation of finishing and releasing Project London in 1st Quarter, 2011, we are creating a list of festivals and conventions to participate in. We could use your help identifying more opportunities… Please check out our list and suggest ideas. Thank you!

THREE: New friend and author, Tony Mullen mentions Project London in his recently published book, Blender Studio Projects, Digital Movie-Making. This is all very exciting and cool for us and we wish Tony much success with his book.

That’s the news. We are also ready to start interviewing colorist candidates. We are hoping to find someone local that will be able to work in our edit suite and use our tools which includes the Magic Bullet suite of color tools and the Black Magic Ultrascope. Would you be interested in earning a credit in Project London as the colorist? Please contact me directly to discuss, by sending me an email at


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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