The Producer’s Report #125 – The Path to Picture Lock
Sep 2010 18

Ian, Nate and I met this morning to review the input we collected from the v.14 test screening. It was a great discussion and we made a lot of decisions about what we want to do to achieve picture lock. Some of the ideas that people suggested were amazing and we’re looking at how we might implement a few of them. But, have no fear, we are moving with all speed to wrap things up and get to picture lock ASAP! Ian is leading the charge, so if he contacts you, please help him any way you can. Thank you!

Two additional things we need help with are:

  1. We need an Adobe Creative Suite (CS3), Production Premium (Windows) expert to help us understand a certain issue we are encountering when we render out AVI files. Currently, if we play the Premiere timeline, or send it to Encore to burn a Blu-ray, it plays fine. But if we render out an AVI file, we find that there is a half frame of an unrelated interlace image appearing on screen between shots. It’s weird. Do you know anybody who could help us figure out why this is happening?
  2. We are now looking for a colorist to help us with the color grading of the movie. We have tools to aid in this process, the Magic Bullet suite of color tools and the Black Magic Ultrascope (see image above). Would you be interested in earning a credit in Project London as the colorist? Please contact me directly to discuss, by sending me an email at

That’s the news.


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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