The Producer’s Report #123 – First Sound Design Team Meetup
Sep 2010 10

(L to R: Director, Ian Hubert; Paul Miller; Brendan Hogan, back; Mike Meyer, forward; Michael Martz; Brad Notman, we like his shirt a lot; Trevor Dutton; Simon Jeker; Laura Edenfield)

Tonight at the Lyon’s Den (also used as the location for the Western Palm in Project London) we held the first meetup for the sound design team and screened version 14 of the movie. It was the first chance for the local members of the team to get acquainted with each other and the movie.

Trevor and Brad had seen version 13 and both Ian and I were delighted to hear them comment that version 14 was much more focused and fun. Mike Meyer, lead sound editor, felt that the team left the meeting energized and interested in diving into the work of sound design.

Tomorrow we screen the film at the Grand Illusion Cinema for a test audience that will also include a number of cast and crew members. Following that, Nate, Ian and I will roundtable the input collected from these screenings and make our final decisions about picture lock. We are very anxious to turn the film over to the Sound Design Team which also has members working remotely in Vancouver BC, New York, and California.


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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