The Producer’s Report #122 – Test Screening This Saturday!
Aug 2010 15

(The composited image above is from a new scene featuring Michael Donovan and Jen Page.)

Yesterday morning, Ian, Nate and I reviewed the current state of Project London version 14. I was totally blown away by the work Ian and his team have done to rework the film. As you may know, we received a lot of input at our last test screening (version 13) and a lot of it had to do with tightening up the major story arc, eliminating distracting and self-indulgent tangents and helping the audience to understand important character motivations. I am very pleased with the results. Ian still has some polishing to do this Monday, then I will begin the process of making screening disk(s).

I am sorry to say, if you appeared on screen only in the Dr. Pitsburg or Hospital scenes, they have been cut. Many other scenes have also been cut or trimmed, but these subplot lines have been eliminated completely. It is however, our intention to make available version 13 of the film to those who care about it at an appropriate time in the future.

This week I am focused on filling the 70 seats at our screening theater and want to encourage everyone who has received an invite to respond quickly. I am now giving away seats on a first come, first served basis until the seats are gone. We have specifically invited filmmakers who attended the v13 test screening, the sound design team, and members of our target audience. We anticipate that there will be screenings to include cast and crew, family and friends at a later date.

Following the screening, we will be talking about the film with the audience and listening for clues to help us determine if we are close enough to picture lock to turn the film over to sound design. I sure hope we are. It’s been a long journey, that’s for sure. But right now the Project London experience is coming into focus and shaping up into a great popcorn film. I can’t wait for you to see it!

There is a chance that we will need a few more people from our target audience to fill up the theater. If you are interested, leave a comment on this post, either here on this blog post, or where it appears on Facebook. I will contact you individually when I am ready to open up the last block of seats (in a few days).


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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