The Producer’s Report #121 – The Saga Continues…
Aug 2010 07

The Spiral Productions Edit System is back up and running, Project London media has been restored and Ian is going through all the edit timelines checking for missing media and broken links. We are probably just a day or two away from being able to start a new backup (it takes about 21 hours to backup the movie). Yeah!

The next priority will be to finalize version 14 of the film and to prepare for our next test screening. Yeah!

I am very pleased to announce that Caleb Wheeler is putting the final touches on a prequel novella manuscript entitled, Project Manhattan. This story sets the stage for Project London and has already been characterized by Ian (writer director) and Kevin McCoy (manuscript editor) as a “couldn’t put it down” reading experience.

Ian is creating the art for the cover of Project Manhattan. A first draft of the art without the title can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail to the left. What do you think?


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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