The Producer’s Report #118 – Just the Stats
Jul 2010 17

On April 10th of this year, we published the first statistical report about our fan base. Today, we are updating the report and measuring our growth. Check it out.

As of this writing there are now:

61 (+17%) known news reports/blog posts featuring the movie or one or all of the Project London teaser clips
425 (+88%) fans following Project London on Twitter
2,595 (+25%) fans on Facebook
1,466 (+19%) fans signed up to receive our sometimes monthly email newsletter
313 (+4%) entertainment news media & bloggers signed up on our press release email list

YouTube Play Statistics:
14,723 (+29%) views: Multiply Teaser on the Spiral Productions Channel
38,606 (+225%) views: Multiply Teaser on the Viso Trailers Channel
103,502 (+472%) views: Unleashed Teaser on the Viso Trailers Channel

Vimeo Play Statistics:
46,900 (+82%) views: Multiply Teaser
120,000 (+29%) views: Unleashed Teaser
42,200 (+17%) views: Benny’s Fuel & Repair Teaser

How can you help? Encourage your friends to check out Project London and “Like” it on Facebook, “Follow” it on Twitter, and sign up for the sometimes monthly (less than that, really) email newsletter. Thank you!

BTW, Ning (our production blog) is switching this network from a “free” site to a “pay” site. There may be a bumpy patch during this transition as they work out the bugs of their new system. Just know, we are planning to pay the Ning fees to keep this production blog open to the cast, crew, fans and friends of Project London.

More news soon about the Project London v.14 screening!


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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