The Producer’s Report #116 – Edit System Go Boom
Jun 2010 19

Ian hinted at this in his last post, number 499. We had a scare. The RAID on the Project London edit system went bad. Then we were shown the blue screen of death. Not fun. But, thankfully… I mean REALLY THANKFULLY, Nate had instituted a policy of backing up the movie on external hard drives several months ago. So we have two copies of the movie and all the project files, etc. AND we have our buddies at Media Tools helping us get our edit system fixed.

In other news…

We are still looking for the voice of Oma. Our Craigslist ad triggered auditions from a number of talented people, but we still haven’t found what we’re looking for. We could use some help with suggestions as to where we might post our casting notice so that more actors will see it and perhaps send us an audition. Please feel free to send me your ideas and suggestions via email at Also, here is what we’re looking for in the Oma character (a voice only character): We are looking for an actor with a genuinely old sounding voice, that is close to “network standard” (largely free from clues of ethnic or

regional origins) and able to move quickly between normal energy,

deranged, and also, hanging on to life.

Ian reports on a recent VO Session with Josh Truax and a few other things:

“We did a V.O. session with Josh Truax today, to get a bit more of the OMA stuff fleshed out, along with various other voice over pieces. The screening we had a month or something ago yielded a lot of folks saying, “more Nebraska voice over!”, which is great! The Nebraska voice overs are pretty fun; they’re just hard to write. Take a chunk of film, that doesn’t inherently need anything, and put something in it anyways that improves the film. It’s a valuable tool, but kinda difficult to wield at times.”

“A pick-up shoot is scheduled for next week, the 25th! I’m pretty psyched- the shots I’ve been working on lately are working better and better, and it’s really interesting going back and inserting new stuff into bits made three years ago, and seeing it both blend, but also be massively improved.”

“I seriously can’t wait till we make a new screening disc; I’ve seen this film so many times, in so many states, and made so many big cuts recently, that it’s admittedly really hard to keep an impression of the entire current thing in my head. I can intellectualize it, but actually just getting a sense of the ‘feel’ of the whole thing at this point is a bit difficult.”

- Ian Hubert

Thanks to everyone from your help and support through the process of making Project London. We feel the love!


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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