The Producer’s Report #114
May 2010 08

This photo by Marc Studer features Justin Tracy as Dominique. Pretty intense.

Mike Meyer and Simon Jeker, our Lead Sound Editors met with Ian, Nathan and yours truly this morning. We discussed some key items around finding a workspace for sound design files that the team can access from anywhere, creating a file-naming convention and letting the sound design team start work on a couple of signature sounds (the sounds that will define special characters in the movie–exosuits, potential, lifters, etc.). It’s really great spending time with Simon and Mike. They are full of ideas and enthusiasm for the movie.

Later this morning, Ian, Nate and I talked about the work being done to take Project London to the next level. As you may know, we screened the movie (version 13) at The Grand Illusion and are making some changes to improve the movie. We are also planning to do an additional day of shooting to augment some scenes with elements that will increase the gravitas (make evil more evil) and increase the connective tissue around the major conflict of the movie. The result, we hope, will provide the necessary intrigue and tension necessary to delight audiences worldwide.

We capped the meeting with a discussion about the Project London Graphic Novel. Branson continues to make progress, delivering pages that are singularly brilliant.


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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