Thank You J.A. Forbes
Apr 2010 21

Jen Forbes, basically the glue that held us together during production, is leaving the Project London Team to move and pursue her career in another state, Nebraska. Jen let me know just a couple days ago that she accepted a job at an atomic power plant and will be moving and starting work in early May. We (Nate, Ian and I) are exceedingly sad to see her go.

Jen helped us take an idea and turn it into a movie. She describes her involvement with Project London in the following paragraph.

J.A. Forbes: “Ian tossed me a flyer one day and said to email the producer guy if I wanted to work on his film. I thought, sure why not, this kid (and I do mean kid; the boy couldn’t even drink legally at the time) will go places. Somehow The Triumvirate in their infinite wisdom (or lack of any better candidates) decided to bestow upon me the role of assistant director. I must have proven myself worthy of greater things because they promoted me to Production Manager (though I still had to earn my keep as AD) shortly before we rolled into production. Again I must have been totally awesome (or they were totally desperate) because they brought me back to supervise post-production! When I’m not catering to the demands of The Triumvirate, I make my own movies.”

Jen, “all the best” to you on your new adventure!