Director Update: 536 – The Sound!
May 2011 01

AH! So much has happened!

The sound for the film is coming together right before my eyes! Just yesterday I laid new tracks from Paul, Trevor, and Brian into the final reel, and HOLY COW it’s an entirely different experience. Punchy and rich and way more engaging. It’s great seeing little sound ideas we came up with forever ago finally becoming a reality.

Phil and I manned a booth at Norwescon this last weekend, where we ran into a few old friends, and met a bunch of new ones. We had the trailer playing behind our table, with some newly polished sound design by Paul Miller, and we were in a prime position for folks to see it as they walked by! We sold quite a few books and posters, and even some pictures of my face! All that said, we’re still thinking we may not be doing any more conventions till we finish the film, just for logistics purposes.

Speaking of finishing the film, we’re getting closer! A couple weekends ago me, Trevor Dutton, Cooper Eaton, Michael Martz, Brad Notman, and Bryan Hubert had a ‘foley party’, where available folks from the sound team met up and recorded a few of the more complex of the required sounds (jumping in gravel, large groups milling about, running down hallways, jumping in and out of pickups). It went better than I could have hoped- although it also proved once again just how massive of an undertaking wrapping up this sound work is gonna be. Not nearly as difficult as the 3+ years of visual effects, thank goodness, but still quite formidable!

Alright! I’ll talk to you again soon!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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