Director Update: 535 – The Ears of Destiny
Apr 2011 02

WHEW! I’m getting awesome sound after awesome sound from the sound team. Everyone has just been going above and beyond and delivering fantastic stuff. I am so serious. We’re trying to finish up the first reel by this Saturday—a pretty crazy goal, but I think we’ll make it! As I mentioned before, the first reel is by far the most complex, so if we can finish it, it’ll all be easier after that, not only because the reels are a lot more straightforward, but because we’ll also have an increasingly expansive pool of resources to draw from.

And there’s a lot to do per reel! Ambiance, foley, dialog syncing, sound design for all the vehicles and crazy elements—a lot of little pieces that have to come together.

Paul Spooner watched through the film and made a note of every gun firing sound, and broke them all down with accompanying descriptions, and he’s already done making all the gun sounds for the first reel.

Brad Notman did an entire pass at the reel, creating a bunch of various ambiance and sound design elements, many of which will be appearing in the film.

Trevor Dutton has been working on the Potential sounds. I was at his place all day yesterday and we synced up a ton of sounds he’d recorded with an alien-sound instrument called a waterphone—they sound great!

Brendan Hogan uploaded the interior and exterior Boulderwake sounds; some seriously fantastic work, and totally grounds the whole scene. He also put up his work for the BEAM Satellite space laser thing! Very great stuff.

Andy Horvitch is digging through 4 years worth of various voice files we’ve accumulated for the opening reel, and syncing them all up in the timeline- probably one of the most convoluted tasks somebody could do.

David Gregory is putting together all the sounds for the Red Robot for the big battle!

Cooper Eaton has been a man of all trades, assembling ambiances, sound effects, and coming up with brilliant techniques for distorting voices.

Topher Ferrell is listing out and recording foley for the entire first reel- another pretty wild mind-bending task!

Terry Poole has put together sounds for all the paddywagon scenes, and is starting on all of the exterior Arizona sounds!

Michael Martz finalized the totally original Police Lifter sounds for the first reel, and is just around the corner from wrapping them up for the rest of the film as well.

Matt Broadfoot delivered the sounds of the Tankship for reel 2! They’ll work perfectly laid into the timeline!

Steve Rimpici sent us a totally impressive collection of voice work; random PA chatter and the like, in a ton of various styles. A true professional!

Paul Miller is working on putting the finishing touches on the sounds for our new trailer! It sounds absolutely fantastic.

And Phil McCoy has been manning the server, uploading tons of useful assets, so we can get this baby done!

And I’m sure I’m forgetting somebody! There are just so many folks churning out great sounds.

We’re doin’ this!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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