Director Update: 534 – Sound Design & New York!
Mar 2011 24

L to R: Me and Nathan Taylor

Whew! 8 hours of emails! After this update I’m gonna give my meat-fingers a break and do some finger yoga (make the peace sign. For an hour!) What kind of emails? The best kind of emails! We’ve been meeting with sound guys, and have 8 new crazy fantastic additions to the team, and I’m sending out assignments to everyone! Meaning, for every email i send out, rad work is happening!

We’re mostly focusing on the first reel at this point. The first reel is 1.) the very beginning (a very good place to start), and 2.) The most complicated reel by far (so if we can make it there, we’ll make it anywhere!). Everybody’s going through making various sounds, and I’m going to watch the reel and make a list of every single sound that isn’t currently underway today so we have an idea of the work that needs to go down.

Here’s the plan (warning, it’s a bit insane): SIFF will let us know if we got in or not some time around the end of April (yes! The end of next month!) and we could be screening the film as soon as a week after that. So the biggest #1 goal at this point is getting the film to a kickass level of quality in the next month! It can so happen.

To put this in perspective: We need to finish a bit less than a quarter of all the sound design every week. That’s a bit insane! Of course, there’s also grading which needs to go down, and a dozen other things, but first things first!

On another note, cool things have happened! I went to New York for a week to wrap up a freelance gig, and while there I was able to meet with Nate Taylor- the brilliant man who helped more with the CG than almost anyone; the guy who’s been with us since the very beginning, and a very good friend. We toured the Big Apple and he filled my head with amazing facts and it was just super great. Notice his fantastic fashion, as well!

So until next week… here we go!!!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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