The Ian Report #532 – Seven Hundred Seventy Four
Feb 2011 24

Hey hey! We have internet! Just moved into a new place, and getting everything all going has been a small trial.

I finished counting all the VFX shots in the movie an hour ago: 774! [Editor’s note: The original number of VFX in the movie was 789, but that was in v.13. Since we cut a ton out to make v.15, the number of VFX in the movie changed.]

Obviously, that number, like most things, isn’t really an absolute. Do titles count as effects shots? What about titles with cool effects added? What if there’s an effects shot that’s interrupted by a cutaway? Does that make it two shots? In the end, I just tried to find the happy medium of being both as honest and generous as possible.

Everyone has been really busy getting ready for the Emerald City Comicon, especially Phil. The books are going to be arriving from the printers soon, and the whole table looks like it’s going to be pretty fantastic. A lot of you guys have said you’re gonna come visit us—please do!

Also, with things finally being ready to release, we’re starting up the ol’ faithful newsletter! Feel free to subscribe!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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