The Ian Report #530
Feb 2011 10

Mmmm. I love getting up early and watching the day start. Except that usually it is an accident.

More progress is being done on all the rad stuff from last week! Branson just submitted what I believe is the final version of the Graphic Novel (complete with brilliant new narrative boxes, art updates, and a couple new pages) and things are being prepped for the release of it and Project Manhattan prequel novel in three weeks at the Emerald City Comicon (The weekend of March 5th). We actually got permission from the comicon to release a special version of the novels that you can only get that weekend. It’s got their logo on the cover and everything! Come to the show and say hi to us at Artist Alley table H-22.

I’m heading in to Spiral World Headquarters today to get a few more things done; dropping in the shot from the last pick-up shoot, removing some old color grading (so it can be replaced with new grading during our upcoming super-fantastic grading pass), and making a few final tweaks to the visuals of the upcoming trailer.

Notably, I know I’ve said it before, but this will be our first actual trailer to be released. Most everything else has been just short video announcements or promos to get the attention of CG artists. If I had a dollar for every time somebody told me that our trailers ‘don’t really tell much of the story’ I’d have a fistfull of dollars. Which I would crumple into a ball and throw at those same people, who would be like, “Ow- oh hey, dollars!” And then I would say, “Give those back!” And perhaps we would compromise.

I imagine we’ll have some very big news on the audio front in the next couple days!

So that is that is that.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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