The Ian Report #529 – Bam! We did it!
Feb 2011 04

BAM! The last shot of the movie is in the can. We did it.
We all met at Phil’s house with Michael Donovan acting, Barry Gregg DP’ing, Brad Notman Sound Recording, and I Directing. Everyone did a totally fantastic job! It was great seeing all those folks again, and having more time than we needed to get what we needed shot, for once!

In the context of the film, the scene is a film that has been stored in somebody’s memory, so we shot it a bit differently, and actually used the video function of a DSLR and a shallow DOF to get a look that’s pretty different from the rest of the film. “Memory Vision”, I s’pose one could call it.

We’re wrapping up proofing on the prequel and graphic novels, and will be sending those off to the printers really soon to start getting supply ready for the Emerald City Comicon (March 4th – 6th). We’re going to be there start to finish all three days, so if you can make it, you totally should! Even William Shatner’s planning on coming!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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