Jan 2011 27

First up, and very cool, the “Project London: Multiply Teaser” appeared at the recent CES thanks to Eric Krzeslo and company, SoftKinetics. They used the clip in their gesture controled media player. Very cool! And they are going to do it again at GDC. Double cool. Thanks Eric!

We are scheduled to snag the final shot of the movie with Donovan! The shoot is scheduled for the 2nd of February—holy cow It will be so nice to ‘get that in the can’. It’s going to require a bit more effects work, but nothing too strenuous (we’ve already done the scene once, and it’ll hopefully be as easy as just replacing a few elements). Here’s hoping!

There’s also still quite a bit of color correction left to undo—a necessary step to apply excellent grading overall. A lot of the VFX shots from the first year of work contain a bit of grading, and I need to go through and re-render the files out of the compositing program to get a clean slate to work with. We’re probably going to be working on a solution using the “Magic Bullet”  suite of plug-ins. We’ve been experimenting with it a bit over the years, and it can give some pretty rad results.

We also have a lot of other things on the table, and are working on getting a new trailer ready—though it’s probable we won’t release it until we have significant headway on the sound side of things. However, there may be an opportunity to see it sooner…. (he said cryptically) …at the Emerald City Comicon.


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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