Dec 2010 30

So the time has come! Phil has filled out all the information, and he’s sending in the film as a submission to SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival)! They’ll accept it for review even with incomplete sound design, so we’re going to give it a shot. Apparently the paperwork was pretty monumental- but! All done now!

More awesome news? A side effect of the submission is that we can finally post the film on IMDB! (they have a thing where you have to be a legit movie, and they define ‘legit’ as… winning a contest or being in a festival or something. I forget. Or at least submitting your film to a festival. I’m not sure.) BUT! Apparently now we are going to be in there! They don’t let us credit every single person involved, but we posted as many folk’s names as we’re allowed- so this is something to be excited about! In the words of Phil, “…very soon, we will be visible to the 53m [million] surfers of IMDB.”

Also, I spent a few days creating a new demo reel (which includes some new, never-before-scene shots from Project London!) You can see it above and here. Project London is fun work, but it’s not exactly paying the bills yet, so we all have to work on the side.

I hope you all have rad plans for the new year! I’ll talk to you next in 2011!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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  1. My best compliments. It’s a very interesting project. CG Graphics are beautiful, and really well built.

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