The Ian Report #524 – Christmastime is Here!
Dec 2010 23

     Is everyone ready for Christmas? I am! Mostly.

     Particularly because Phil McCoy just brought me “Creativity and Energy Pills”. They are green and red, and taste of chocolate.

     This year, part of being ready for Christmas means having the film in a state where it’s ready to submit it to the Seattle International Film Festival. We definitely have something to send them, but it’s not the level of completeness we’d like.

     That said, as always, the film has never been closer to being done—which is good! Because our editing machine is growing more and more unhappy with us all the time. Fortunately, I’m getting a sense of when doing something will make the program crash, and I’m almost learning to avoid it (I’m writing this entire update while waiting for Premiere to restart between crashes).

     On another note, there are few things as rewarding as replacing quickly-sketched storyboards with full fledged finished CG shots you’ve spent days creating, and seeing how everything fits into the flow of the movie. Having a live-action shot cut directly to another shot that’s entirely manufactured, and having them, in the end, match seamlessly, is just great ol’ fun.

     I remember drawing pictures when I was a kid, and being astounded (I still am) that we could reduce 3d objects down to simple outlines, and show those lines on a piece of paper, and people could look at it and recognize its real-life counterpart. It’s such a totally abstract thing, and we do it so easily. I think that’s a thing I enjoy about working with CG—it’s a lot of the same mechanics as drawing with a pencil (reducing things down to their basic shapes, and playing with those understandings), but it’s back in the arena of 3d, which.. hey hey! 3d!

     I have somehow eaten all of the red M&Ms out of this bowl, leaving only green. I haven’t even been looking at the colors while eating them- but I’m sure there were tons of red ones to start out with. I wonder what the odds of that are. Probably one in 5 trillion.

     Also, my nose is whistling when I breathe. What did I ever do to deserve such a musical treat?

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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