The Ian Report #522 – So! Things move!
Dec 2010 09

Things are happening! I wish more were happening!

We’re working hard to see if we can get everything ready to meet the January Seattle International Film Festival deadline, and it’s an honest unknown at this point! My personal goal is to go through and at the very least make sure all the new storyboards are gone, replaced by final animation, so that when the SIFF folks get it, it’ll effectively look like the finished product. We also have one more shot we have to get if we’re going to make it! Right now the shot is just my giant face!

Audio, though! We really have to step up audio if we want to meet our deadlines! Thankfully, we have top people working on this and fingers are crossed that we will break the log jam soon.

So we’ve been working on creating a list of every cue in the movie. We did that probably a year ago at this point (and it took us a couple months to complete it), but we’re updating it to take into account all the big edits we’ve done since then, and to add in timecode.

So! Things move!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director
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