The Ian Report #521 – Knock Out of the Park Rad Trailers
Dec 2010 02

Cool news of this week? Both Soren Laulainen and Phil Rogan have submitted trailer concepts, and they’re both knock-it-out-of-the-park rad! I admit, I’d always kind of wanted to be the one to come up with a trailer concept (and still might!), but I’ve been warned numerous times that directors shouldn’t make their own trailers, and I think these show why! The recontextualizing and mixing-up of the delivery of the narrative elements and shots is an incredible effort to explain the film in a brief burst, instead of just abbreviating the film. I’ve had a lot of thoughts about what the trailer could be over the last few years, and they weren’t anything like this. Actually- we may be releasing a trailer a bit sooner than anticipated… that could be fun :D . So huge kudos to them! They each even wrote new original music for the trailers!

Due to the number and scope of the edits we’ve made to the film, we have a number of extra elements we could release as time goes on in the form of teasers and the like. The animated intro to the film has been cut (replaced with a live-action deal that is a ton more engaging), and it’s almost a stand-alone thing. Likewise, there’s a whole subplot that we dropped, and we’ve mused in the past over releasing that as it’s own thing.

Actually, in a world of digital distribution and the like, it makes the old “Make a 2 Hour Film Experience” standard come into question, where the experience has to justify the audience getting into their car and driving to a theater and paying a hefty sum to sit in a chair. We talked at one point about releasing the film in chunks, like a web-series or TV show. We eventually decided not to, since the film really wasn’t written with good ‘cutting points’, with cliffhangers and the like, but it’s still an interesting idea!

Until next week!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director
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