The Ian Report #520 – Be Well!
Nov 2010 25

Whew! What a day! Woke up with a flu (probably!?) so bad I could barely stand. After a process of napping (I calculate 18 hours total) and waking up to get more water, I’m now back to 95% full health (this is an estimate)! Which is good! Because I would like to eat some food on Thanksgiving!

Okay. So awesome thing number one: Half Acre Day is working on writing a song for Project London, and I was able to hear the demo this week. It is crazy awesome! It’s like if someone said, “Hey! I wonder if somebody could write a song where the whole thing was the catchy part!” and Half Acre Day said, “yeah, ok!” The song’s going to work perfectly for the film.

Awesome Thing number Two! The prequel novel, “Project Manhattan” by Caleb Wheeler is almost done! We’re about to do a final editing pass to look for typos and the like. I’m pretty excited to release it! I gotta sit down and finish the cover for it soon, aye.

I can sometimes be pretty bad at checking the Project London Facebook page (fortunately, many others on the team are better than I!), and I just read over some of the comments people are leaving, and they’re so encouraging! Thanks so much!

Sound design is about to kick into full gear! Mike Meyer posted a roll call to see who’s still on board, and the team is ready to go! AAAA! Awesome! Here we go!

So that is that is that!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director
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