The Ian Report #519 – Making Some Noise!
Nov 2010 18

I had a meeting with Mike Meyer today, and we went over all of the first reel listing out all the sound cues and their timecode. It looks like it actually may not be quite as insurmountable a task as I’d thought; a lot of the sounds can be used repeatedly, and the overall number of sounds really isn’t quite as diverse as I’d thought, which is good.

We have picture lock on everything (except… 1 shot), but a few shots are still just temp storyboards and all that, so they’re the right timing, just not polished. I’m going through now and finalizing.

I’m working on the first shot of the movie, a shot of a crazy thing floating in space, 650 frames long. It starts really close, and pulls back over the entire shot, so it has to have lots of different levels of detail in order to always stand up under scrutiny. I’m doing some crazy experiments with displacement modifiers and stuff to see if I can get that detail without having to model all of it. It’s going well!

Until next week…

Ian Hubert
Writer Director
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