Nov 2010 12

So I turned 23 this week. I remember working on this film back when I turned 19. Amazing!

We posted a video update that turned out pretty well! Those are a blast to make; I sit in front of a screen and say stuff, and Phil makes it look like I’m a coherent human being, which is fantastic (and difficult!)!

We’re selling hats, now, made by Count Gilbert. You can check them out at!

I’m going through the entire film, updating the script to match it so that the sound team has an accurate version of the script to use as reference. It’s a slow process; we’ve changed a ton of the film! There’s nary a scene left that still exists how we originally shot it, and it’s just as rare that two scenes that used to be next to each other are still contiguous.

I’m also going through making estimates for how long it’ll take to complete the remaining VFX shots.

Good luck, everyone!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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