The Ian Report #516 – PICTURE LOCK!
Oct 2010 29

So! We (almost completely) have picture lock! That is, we’re going ahead and operating as if we do, since barring only two single instances in the film, the entire thing is locked down.

This is a HUGE milestone. It means we finally have the footage (along with 3 years of visual effects) locked into place on the timeline. I’d say it’s a sample of the final experience, but sample really doesn’t give credit to the effect sound will have on the picture.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but in film, a lack of sound isn’t just a lack of sound- it’s ominous. It’s foreboding. Every word said is an interruption of the silence, and our cinema-savvy brains are tuned to recognize that, as such, they must be pretty important.

Except that a lot of the time they’re not. They’re just there for fun. Or a ridiculous, over-the-top moment. Moments that will work in the final picture, but currently fall a bit flat because now isn’t a time for jokes when it’s so somber!

The final soundscape (is that a word I can use? Cause I really like it) will have whirring engines, exciting music, and awesomely mixed dialogue. Right now it’s just some words, ya know?

So that’s what I’m looking forward to.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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