Oct 2010 15

Last week I made a mock-up version of Version 15, which looks like it’ll be the final version of the film! And so it goes! Progress is still, as always, being made towards picture lock. The goal was to have it as soon as next Saturday (possibly!), but it requires a single (and final!) simple re-shoot. However, the one actor involved in the re-shoot isn’t available for a couple more weeks! I’m going to be shooting a temp version of the scene tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’m working on setting up a new voice session with the fantastic Steve Rimpici! The voice of Oma.

A few new CG shots are completed, and there are only a few more to go! We’re trying to get everything to final timing besides the scene we still have to reshoot.

Brendan Hogan just posted a fantastic clip of Josh Truax activating Boulderwake and flying around with sound- and it’s phenomenal! Seriously totally believable, and completely made of pieces he self recorded.

Phil sent me some tracks for the government building PA systems, various little things that we can use to flush out the soundscape and add subliminal cues to the audience, “Today is Tuesday!” and other stuff voiced by Cesar Garcia.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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