Oct 2010 08

Last week I made a mock-up version of Version 15, which looks like it’ll be the final version of the film! It includes a bunch of new changes involving plot-twists and edit tweaks. The producers and I watched it last Saturday, and talked over some of the changes, and we’re all feeling really good about it. It has some seriously huge alterations, story wise, but the actual amount of new work that has to be done is minimal, just a few(ish) shots.

This week I’m trying to get us as close to final edit as possible, by replacing the quick storyboards with more polished animatics- mostly for timing purposes. I’m also tweaking the script for a final pick-up shot we’re gonna grab, and writing the script for all the background PA chatter that’ll fill out various scenes.

We’re also trying to figure out how much sound design we can do right now, while things are still slightly in a state of flux.

Our biggest goal right now is preparing for grabbing the final voice overs and last pick-up shot!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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