Sep 2010 30

My goal for this week is a simple one: take the ideas and plans I like, collected from the screening and various brainstorms and put them into the time line, so I can watch the whole thing and see if it works at all.

The goal is simple. Pulling it off is tricky. Even if I have a bit of exposition I want to slide into the film, and have a perfect place for it, making sure it’s in character for someone to say it, and having them say it without it being like, “Hey! Here’s this thing I’m saying!” is proving time and time again to be near impossible.

I just got back from a 6 hour thing with Soren Laulainen where the hardest thing we did was go through and make sure all the voice overs we’re going to record will sound natural. We’d write down what we wanted to get across (“You can save that boys life with your alien powers! But only if you risk going insane and exploding with your alien powers!”), then spend ages trying to make it sound like… not horrible.

Phil Rogan’s always helped quite a bit, taking massive ideas and knocking them down into just a couple basic concepts and lines that can be thrown in really easily. He’s really really helped me see the film in depth from the POV of somebody who hasn’t been working on it for 4 years.

The biggest thing we’re doing here is just trying to make sure that any confusion the audience feels draws them in to learn more, as opposed to making them feel like they’re failing at audiencing (or we’re failing at storytelling).

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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