The Ian Report #512 – Feedback, ack, ack!
Sep 2010 23

Feedback and thoughts of all different varieties are still trickling in from the test screening a couple weeks ago. There are some totally brilliant suggestions, and we’re currently weighing the pros of the ideas against the cons of the work it’ll take to implement ‘em. There are a couple ideas that are huge plot-altering beauties, and it’s a tricky line to walk.

It’s actually an interesting concept. Take a film which is considered complete, then subject it to a bunch of brilliant critique, and it will just keep evolving into a more and more developed and (hopefully) improved film. The flexibility of a movie with minimal tweaks is proving to be pretty amazing.

The biggest goal, of course, is getting the whole picture locked so that sound design can really start!

So! We’ll see how that goes.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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