The Ian Report #510 – Shiny Little Disk
Sep 2010 09

So the day is finally here! A day. I guess not THE day. That’s something else. We tried doing a second screening a few weeks (a month!?) ago, but had to stop when we couldn’t get the film out of the computer.

Now, however, success! The film is on a little disc now, ready for the screening Saturday! I’m pretty darn pumped. Phil wanted to make sure the theater was filled, so he sent out an open invitation on facebook, and a bunch of folks responded, so with any luck the entire place will be totally packed! The theater holds 70, so this should be pretty crazy, and I’m looking forward to some good feedback. We’re also having a meetup of the sound guys the night before, which is going to be totally fantastic.

Big news after that, I imagine, as we finally are able to really advance on sound design and all that, but until then, that’s all!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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