The Ian Report #509 – Better News!
Sep 2010 02

So! Our big problem was, at its most basic, that we couldn’t get the film out of the computer. You wouldn’t exactly think that would be a problem, but it can be surprisingly difficult. It wouldn’t be a problem at all if our plans with the film were just to show it to people off the edit machine, but unfortunately our plans are somewhat larger than that.

The big news is that this problem is fixed! Back when we started the project, I heard numerous warnings saying things like, “Premiere will reject all files that aren’t totally fit to the standard!”, and I figured it was mostly hyperbole, because I’d never run into any problems with stuff like that. Now, though, the reel files have grown large enough that, sure enough, every problem faced is due to a difference in framerate, or resolution, or bitrate. Once that was identified, though, it was an easy fix: just render out the reel until it stops rendering, and check out what’s abnormal about the clip it stops on. I was able to fix all of the problem clips today, and now we have 10 wonderful AVI files of each reel, that we can do whatever we want with.

ALSO! We just got the test prints of the Project London Prequel Novel written by Caleb Wheeler, and not only are they gorgeous, but his second draft of the story is phenomenal. The whole thing has been subtly restructured in a way that totally draws me in. Take a look at the “draft” artwork for the cover above. It shows one of the Nalardian “Titans” on the beach at Normandy participating in the D-Day invasion during WWII. I’m pretty pumped to give the entire thing another re-read.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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