The Producer’s Report #140 – Sweet Find!
May 2011 15

Yesterday morning’s Sound Design Review Meeting was FANTASTIC! Scott Burnett, soundtrack/score producer, was in attendance along with Wesley Slover, musician/artist. Nate, Ian and I listened to a slew of new sound design elements and a slug of musical cues from Wesley’s vault. It was FANTASTIC! I remember having tears in my eyes listening to the track that underscored the Nebraska character experiencing a sudden and tremendously huge loss and feeling the loss on a new level because of Wesley’s work. There were a ton of other cuts to listen to, and it was FANTASTIC! Wesley’s style fits the vibe of the move perfectly. His stuff is different but complimentary to the Half Acre Day stuff that is already in spots. There are big beats and bitchin’ guitars coming people!

We have been circling on this work for awhile now, and I am so pleased that Scott has been able to kick it into high gear. After we had been listening and talking excitedly for a couple hours, I asked everybody for a quote to insert in the post.

SCOTT: “For me, it’s a lot of internal travail that is finally coming forth in externalized goodness.”

WESLEY: “I’m excited!”

NATE: “Intense!” (You caught the REPO MAN reference, right?)


I had a moment before everyone arrived and was watching the movie without sound. It was quite fun to see and imagine what great sound was going to do for the picture. Now, with Scott and Wesley’s work coming into focus, I am getting very excited. It’s going to be FANTASTIC!


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Phil McCoy (left), and Nathan McCoy (right) also Executive Producer

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