The Producer’s Report #141 – Entoforms
May 2011 21

Great things are happening!

Tom Hall is mixing a brand new exclusive Half Acre Day song for Project London and it is just one sweet tune. More about that later.

Ian Hubert, writer and director of Project London is teaching a Blender Workshop at 911 Media Arts Center. This is an extremely cool opportunity and a real boon for those of you located in the Pacific Northwest (USA).

Good friend of Project London and a top Blender Artist on the Visual Effects Team, Dolf Veenvliet has been keeping very busy. He’s launched a wonderful art series of artificial life forms called Entoforms. They are beautiful, created in Blender and then printed. The process is fascinating. Learn more about Entoforms. Learn how you can contribute to Dolf’s efforts.

The website has been overhauled and upgraded a bit. There are still some rough edges, but we should have them ironed out in a few more days. It looks pretty good for a custom theme applied to a WordPress site, don’t you agree?


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Phil McCoy (left), and Nathan McCoy (right) also Executive Producer
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  1. Paul Spooner says:

    The new site looks nice! Much more fleshed out and easy to navigate. Grats on running a Blender workshop! Wish I could be there. Good to hear more great music is coming in. Keep on hauling guys!

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