Director Update: 537 | Music To My Ears
May 2011 26

So we got a big treat in our inboxes: Half Acre Day’s original song for Project London, mixed by Tom Hall! The whole thing is just great. The lyrics are perfectly ambiguous/relevant, the melody is superfun, and the whole thing is as chock-full of hooks as a hungry Razortooth Trout. I don’t know when you’ll get to hear it yet—It may be as soon as next week, or you may have to way till the ending credits at the premiere of the movei—but whenever it is, we’ll figure out something cool. I am listening to it right now. It is awesome.

A few other cool updates on the sound front! Wesley Slover is working with Scott Burnett now to create a seriously momentous soundtrack. A lot of driving post-rock/dubstep stuff that I wouldn’t have believed till I saw it in the film. It’s lending the whole movie some serious gravitas, and scenes I was previously unsure about are now some of my favorites. We’ve always known of the magical re-contextualizing power of music, but after looking at scenes certain ways for so many years, it’s amazing seeing the emotional curves honed so fantastically at this point in the game. Scott and Wesley are meeting this Friday to record rockin’ guitar pieces. Yesssssssssss.


Ian Hubert
Writer Director
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