Director Update: 538 – Exploring the Studio Space
Jun 2011 02

By the time you read this, Project London will be even more awesome.

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend days working with Kyle Kramer, Wesley Slover, and Scott Burnett! Kyle and I spent Thursday in the studio exploring a mix of the first reel—it actually sounds like a real movie! A bunch of the music and sounds have finally come together to form something amazing.

The next day I met with Scott and Wesley; I’ve never been more impressed watching musicians create (and I’ve seen a lot of musicians creating!) They bounced creative ideas off each other effortlessly, and in under 20 minutes had written an entire mournful-yet-hopeful song. I asked them what part of the film it was for and they shrugged, “We’ve already finished everything on our list for today; now we’re just experimenting.” MAN! Awesome.

I’m hopefully going to see Wesley for a bit tomorrow, and see how things are going! I’m pretty pumped. Most of what they recorded on Friday were loops and the like, that could later be used to assemble the pieces to fit the dynamics of the film. That’s what he’s been working on.


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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