Director Update: 539 – BAM! CLUNK! Awesome.
Jun 2011 17

I listened to Jesse Stuart’s idea for Jerry’s (the masked character’s) “voice” today. I admit, I wasn’t sure about the idea at first; there are certain things you can do with a non-speaking character that you can’t do as easily with a speaking character, and I didn’t want to risk undermining that- but his concept is gold. Totally fantastic! It expands on the performance in a pretty fantastic way (and doesn’t sound like Darth Vader! No easy feat!), without crossing the line over to actual verbal communication.

Brendan Hogan delivered an awesome pass of Arizona’s footsteps for the first reel. Brendan’s fantastic; no matter how fantastic the element, every sound he delivers feels so natural that it can’t help but make everything feel more grounded.

And Trevor Dutton delivered a couple whole reels worth of tracks of miscellaneous tech sounds and ships! Kyle is going in and editing all of them down into the mix.

Oh yeah, and a wee bit of awesome news; an article came out about us in Wired UK Magazine! This is great! I’m curious to see how this affects the number of visitors to the site.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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