The Producer’s Report #143
Jul 2011 23

The image above is from the epic battle in the first act of Project London. It features animations by Ian Hubert and Nathan Taylor that are singularly epic. Also, this is the image the Wired UK featured in their recent full page article about Project London. Pretty cool.

Well, I just finished up a meeting with Ian, Nate and Wesley. We reviewed a number of scenes that gave me goosebumps when I saw them for the first time with sound design and music. Our sound editors have been doing some amazing work lately, in particular, Trevor, with his waterphone is delivering stunning sounds for “Potential”. There are many people creating sounds to make the robot exosuits (see above) come to life; Brendan’s footsteps and Terrance’s servo sounds are coming together in a way that brings out the character of the Arizona exosuit brilliantly. And bringing it all together for us to review each week is Kyle, our lead sound editor. Thanks everybody! Brilliant work.

(photo inset, above left: Anton musing amidst the sweet sonics floating through the Triple Door. Anton introduced me to Half Acre Day, and he plays a key role as a Joint Command Officer in Project London.)

Last Saturday at The Triple Door in Seattle, Half Acre Day performed quite a number of songs that will be included in Project London. It was a great show and got me pumped for the next project with the band; a music video for a new song exclusively for Project London called, the Pythagoras Switch. A wonderful mix was recently created by Tom Hall and plans for a music video are being put together by Mike McCoy. We will be meeting with HAD and director, Mike and co-director, Javier to discuss the shoot which we hope to complete next weekend.

So what’s next? We are preparing to go into fundraising mode. After working so long to create this project with volunteers and no budget, we keep seeing the finish line slipping away into the distance. So we are preparing to do some fundraising so we can complete the soundtrack and the color correction and release this epic. We wanted from the get-go to make this movie on a grass roots level and we believe by asking you to help us financially, we are giving more people a chance to be part of this grass-roots effort. So stay tuned for the launch of our fund-raiding effort. It will take us a few weeks to get everything in place. Thanks for your support to date!


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of writer director Ian Hubert (left), Phil McCoy (middle), and Nathan McCoy (right) also Executive Producer

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  1. A ideia do projeto é excelente, os gráficos as animações estão ótimas, maravilhosas.
    Parece uma produção de HOLLYOOD. E pensar que é um projeto sem orçamento. Parabens a todos da equipe e da comunidade e vamos ajudar espalhando a informação, eu acredito no poder da informação será uma grande ação de publicidade. Já adicionei o trailer no meu canal no youtube:
    como dizem

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