Director Update: 540 | Some very cool stuff happening this week!
Jul 2011 29

Last Sunday we all sat down with Half Acre Day to discuss the filming of the music video for the song they wrote for Project London, “Pythagoras Switch”. It’s a crazy fun song, and it looks like the music video’s gonna be awesome too! Mike McCoy and Javier are directing, and it looks like they all have an awesome plan in place for their shoot this Sunday.

Sound design is making good progress. Of the ‘big’ things left to do, there’s basically only the Goose, a bunch of foley, and a couple spare bits (and a whole lot of polishing).

I’m working through fixing a lot of interlacing glitches and the like.
I dream of a world where our children, bright-eyed and innocent, will look up into our faces and, along with landlines and reel-to-reels, ask, “What’s that?” -But this is not yet that world.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director
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    Update! Update! Update!

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