Interview: Brendan Hogan
Sep 2011 09

What is your name?
Brendan J. Hogan. Don’t forget the J. The J is important.

How old are you and why?
19. Because I’m a liar.

What got you started in film work?
I started doing radio plays at a community radio station years ago. When my wife went back to school and I was working at miserable dead end job I decided I wanted to go back to school as well. I got a degree in audio engineering, interned at an awesome studio, and started doing freelance audio post production work. I’ve been working steadily for several years now and have just started thinking about doing another radio play.

What are you working on in the movie?
Whatever Ian tells me to do. So far I’ve done the audio for the Boulderwake ship, satellite lasers and Arizona’s footsteps. Is that all? Seems like more.

What are your favorite movies?
Gosh lets see…what will make me sound cool? Moody mysterious stuff like Mulholland Dr., Bladerunner, Donnie Darko as well as indie stuff with interesting characters like The Visitor, Marwencol, Breach.

What would your mom say about Project London, the movie?
She would absolutely love all the parts I did. Get your own mom to like the rest of it.

What super powers would you choose and why?
Ghandification. The world could use more people like him.

What super power do you actually have?
The ability to spiral into paralytic loops of self-reflective meta consciousness.

What are your favorite bands and/or albums?
My music tastes are very situation specific. I still love Paul Simon’s “Rhythm of the Saints” album. Nothing like it. Also, anything by the Tin Hat Trio.

If there were tigers roaming the streets and you had to defend yourself, what weapon would you choose?
Cesar Millan

What would you like to tell us about yourself that we didn’t ask?
I’m awesome.

What question are you glad we didn’t ask?
How are you so awesome? That’s a trade secret.

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