Director Update: 541 | Sneak Peek Scene Coming Soon!
Sep 2011 10

I spent a chunk of the day in Spiral Edit 1 last Wednesday, getting some small bits ready for release! Kyle Kramer, finished a fantastic bit of sound work, and we’re just doing some experiments with grading and the like. With any luck, we’ll have a “Sneak Peek Scene” available soon!

You might have noticed we’ve been fairly quiet the last few weeks; there’s only so long we can (or should) try to keep ‘buzz’ going, so we’re trying to save things up for starting the real release. If publicity is, as most things on the internet are, a ‘flash in the pan’ thing, we want to be sure to… catch all the steam? Make the biggest flash?

Over the course of making the film, we’ve ended up with a ton of content that’s not gonna be in the final edit, much of which could actually stand on its own, so we’re also discussing what we should just put on the DVD, and what we could release now.

I’m also going through and fixing shots I did back in 2007. Random grading and interlacing issues. You know how it goes.


Ian Hubert
Writer Director
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  1. Kirill says:

    Hi Ian and other Project London’s creators!
    I found that you need a help with sound mixing…
    About 8 years ago I started to write electronic music professionally. Also we (almost every time) had done mastering by ourselves.
    I’m familiar with sound (I know how to do many things – for ex. how to split different but similar sounding waves so it will be really feeling independently and many other stuff like voice processing to remove unnecessary noises, bass and hi frequencies)
    For now I don’t have a constant job so I can help you for free (with mixing, sound processing and mastering). I’m not familiar with 5.1 standards though…
    You can check some of our tracks (very bad quality, sorry didn’t found other on the net)
    1st track (Zatmenie is very old so don’t take it serious)
    I advice “Samurai Digit All”, “Genjuros’ Experience”… If you need some better quality I’ll send you from my “renders”…
    Here I found another examples:
    “Nepal Strangers” was made almost completely by me (not a big deal but this is one of those tracks that I really like).
    Need a free sound track(s)? – no problem, I would love to help your project.
    P.S. Currently music creating isn’t my main direction but I want to “switch” sometimes.
    Also I’m the big Blender’s fan and respect all serious Blender related projects.

  2. Jason Heller says:

    When this is all finished, you should write a book about the experience

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