Check Out The Sneak Peek Scene!
Sep 2011 19

The release of the Sneak Peek Scene kicks off our campaign asking you and everyone for help to finish Project London. There is flexibility around how much to pay for the Sneak Peek, we are suggesting a contribution of $1.95 (USD) with the option to give a different amount if you like.

Use this address to see the Sneak Peek Scene:

We are very close to finishing Project London. We need to find funding to finish two significant items, the soundtrack and color correction. We are so close! We appreciate your help and support getting across the finish line. Thank you!

Stay tuned for an expanded fund raising campaign featuring a fabulous collection of premium items. We are looking to possibly host the campaign at and/or We may also just try fund raising ourselves, directly from this website. We’ll make an announcement as soon as we’re ready to launch the campaign.

Again, thanks for your continued support!


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Phil McCoy (left), and Nathan McCoy (right) also Executive Producer

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