Director Update: 542 | Blender Rigs!
Oct 2011 24

You can go, right now, and download a ton of the best 3D models we made for Project London. You can mess around with them, and use them for stuff! Like, basically any stuff, if you give us attribution. We’ve just got a straightforward creative commons license on it.

These are some sweet models, worked on and made by some of the best Blender Artists I know. Paul Spooner, Nathan Vegdahl, Nathan Taylor, and Dolf Veenvliet. And I did some too.

Blender’s this great open source thing, which I learned via the helpfulness of friends, googling around for free advice, folks helping me on forums, and reverse engineering set-ups folks released, and to take all of that goodwill and turn it into something soley private and commercial—while it’s great that it’s possible (mostly…)—felt a little off. And while a hope is that this may also serve to throw us back up on a few more folk’s radar before we do the big release, it’s also just super fun.

Heeeyyyyeah- speakinuhwhich… how is that big release going? It’s close! Closer than ever before! I don’t want to say that we ran out of steam for a while, because we didn’t, not really, but reach into your pockets so far before you realize the bottom’s fallen out, and where are you gonna put your keys, and you need to buy new pants but you’re too broke. And you go, “Well I wanna finish this movie” but there’s another voice in the back of your head that goes, “paaaaaaaants.” And eventually you have to heed the pants, and that’s why we’ve started up a big ol’ indiegogo campaign, full of cool perks and videos and stuff. So check it out! Maybe pass it around! Give us all your money!

Oh yeah, and for those of you who haven’t heard, we’ve definitely finally released an actual honest-to-goodness trailer! Bam!


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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  1. Ran13 says:

    My new slogan:

    “Heed the pants!”

    Words to live by…


  2. Lukas S. says:

    I can’t wait to actually use these models! They’re amazing Ian! :O OMG

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