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After years of people asking when the trailer was gonna be released, we slipped it out kinda quietly as part of the fundraising campaign—but there’s a lot of cool stuff going on in there.

Soren Laulainen is a good friend and has been one of the most helpful minds in regards to post for Project London. We did our second re-shoot and completely reworked the beginning because of him, and the film is massively more solid for it. He has the amazing ability to see a story, take it apart in his mind, and put it back together in a more powerful way—which made him amazing at editing the trailer. I don’t know if we asked him to make it, or if he offered, but the end result is pretty darn cool. Even moreso if you’ve seen the film, and know how much he’s recontextualizing the lines and shots to emphasize points.

I like the two-fold approach; the slow beginning with a bit of setting the scene, then BAM! halfway through—actually very similar to the structure of the film as well.

And did I mention that he wrote the music?

Paul Miller came up with the sound design for the whole thing, though—no small feat! Since the film shows a little of everything, that means he had to come up with sound design for almost everything as well, and that’s a lot of wonky stuff to try to come up with. I think the end result flows great, and mixes wonderfully (just listen to that wonky stuff going on under the titles at the beginning! Just great!)

So anyways, definitely check out the trailer. We have a bit of weird grading on there, but that’s why grading is a major box on the to-do list!

The Blender Rigs are still available! If you haven’t checked them out, they’re pretty darn fun to mess around with, and you can use them for all your projects. OH! And we have a link up for a bunch more models as well, made by Paul Spooner! Paul made a lot of the best models in the film, so definitely check em out :D .

So yeah! Definitely check out the trailer, and the indiegogo campaign is still going strong, so definitely swing by and check that out as well!


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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