Feb 2012 11

The Triumvirate dined with Kevin Slover last night at Racha Thai Cuisine in Woodinville. It was a delicious evening and it was great getting to know Kevin. His nephew, Wes (soundtrack composer) joined us and our wide ranging conversation touched on the genesis of Project London, and popular audiophile formats (vinyl!) and gear from the 70s. Kevin, we thank you for your support and encouragement as we wrap up post-production.

Speaking of wrapping up, we are preparing for a screening in order to take stock of what is left to do. You already know that we’re focused on the soundtrack and color correction. Kyle Kramer, Lead Sound Editor has prepared mixes for all ten reels of the movie, it’s now in my ball court to get a Blu-ray burned for the screening. At the same time, I will be preparing to hand the movie back to Barry Gregg, which was already in his hands once, as DP during production. Barry has volunteered to complete the color correction on the movie and for this and so much more, we are supremely grateful.

While describing what it’s been like to get everything finished to one of my friends, he smiled and asked me if I had heard of the 90/10 rule. I have heard of the 80/20 (Pareto) rule, that states, roughly 80% of an outcome often come from just 20% of the related causes. “That’s well and good,” he said and went on to explain the 90/10 rule, “the last 10% of a challenging job often takes the same amount of energy as it took to get the project 90% done.” The truth of that statement exploded in my brain. That’s why I am so grateful for everyone on the team who continues to press forward with us to the finish line. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we’re gonna get there!

More exciting news soon!


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Ian Hubert (left), Writer Director, and Nathan McCoy (far right), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (middle).

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