The Producer’s Report #153 | Moving Forward Again!
Apr 2012 01

(L to R) Ian Hubert, writer director; Phil McCoy and Nathan McCoy, executive producers.

The edit system is working again! I’ve output uncompressed AVI files for Barry Gregg and will be meeting him at Starbucks in Edmonds (Washington, USA) in a couple hours to hand him a 2TB hard drive with the movie, Spiral’s Blackmagic Design Ultrascope, and our best wishes for a efficient and fun color correction. Yeah! Big step.

Getting that edit system repaired (again) was frustrating and time consuming. Right now, the system is working on screening disks (dialogue only and full mix versions) so Kyle Kramer, lead sound editor and Wes Slover, soundtrack composer, can evaluate where we are with the soundtrack. I’m very much looking forward to the screening.

More news soon!

Best regards,


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